About Us

Welcome to LyndenSchool

Lynden School is Ontario Ministry of Education inspected private secondary school –   BSID#668587

Ranked ninth place in UN’s annual Human Development Index, Canada is renowned for its scenic beauty and natural resources. With its advanced health, social welfare and education systems, Canada is the most welcoming country for visitors, immigrants and students, embracing different cultures around the world. Ontario is Canada’s most populous province, it stands out as having excellent school systems and many top universities in the province.

Lynden School is located in Hamilton, Ontario, a beautiful town, quiet and peaceful.  Lynden School is a prestigious private school with a team of elite teachers to facilitate individuals progress, promote balanced development and enhance interpersonal skills. Teacher and student ratio at Lynden School is kept at 1:5 to provide a tailored learning environment for each student, helping students to focus, improve learning and create a positive classroom setting.

Other than the wide range of course selection from Grade 9 to Grade 12, Lynden School also provides Advanced Placement (AP) Exams, ESL program, SAT program, TOFEL, IELTS, and summer camps. Lynden School organizes extracurricular activities, such as contemporary dances and basketball club, to foster student’s talents, interests and passions. It also organizes various school excursions, touring regional landmarks, to better understand and appreciate life in Canada.

Goals and Philosophy
Our secondary school programs are designed to equip students with the knowledge and skills they will need to lead satisfying and productive lives. The programs are intended to prepare students for further education and work, and to assist them in becoming independent, productive, and responsible members of society. Lynden School (LS) has been organized to provide as broad a scope of programs as possible to all students and, at the same time, to deal effectively with the special needs and interests of students. Thus, students in each program area have available to them a variety of programs. Lynden School is organized to provide students with opportunities to pursue combinations of Academic, Business, and Technological Studies, as well as courses in the Arts, Physical and Health Education and Career Education. Further details about any programs are available at Lynden School in the office. Lynden School is committed to helping students acquire the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes, which are useful both now and in later life.

Assistance is given to students by helping them to understand their academic strengths and weaknesses, choosing appropriate courses and in making application to post-secondary institutions

Value of Education
Education is ultimately the vehicle that drives societies and communities to prosper and succeed. We live in a knowledge-based society, where the continuous collection and understanding of information is essential to succeed in this ever-changing global economy. One has to constantly update his/her skills and abilities of interpreting and understanding information. Secondary education allows an individual to obtain the fundamental skills and abilities necessary to understand complex information. It provides students with the analytical skills necessary to pursue a wide-range of career objectives.

When students begin at LS, they will review with the principal their educational goals and become familiarized with the learning pathway form to best plan their educational direction. Upon completion of their studies, they will again sit with the principal to prepare a personalized transition plan either for their home-school, or post-secondary directions (university, college or the workplace).